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Supplier Diversity

Our success is based on our ability to understand the diversity in the world around us - our customers, our employees and our suppliers. We are committed to providing diverse suppliers access an opportunity to participate in our procurement process by:

What We Look For In Our Suppliers

We have developed procurement specifications and standards through the Procurement & Sourcing Services (P&SS) team. Diverse companies that meet these standards partner with us to deliver quality products and services. Some of the standards/qualities that must be met are:

Eligibility & Certification

Diverse suppliers are certified small businesses and those that are 51 percent or more owned and operated by women, minorities, and service-disabled veterans. Proof of certification is required to participate in our Supplier Diversity Program. We accept certification from the following organizations and their regional affiliates:

To provide information on your organization, please contact Procurement & Sourcing Services and you will be provided with a link to submit information on your company.

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